Federal Government Small Business Loans

Small businesses entrepreneurs in need of starting capital can avail of government small business loans. Depending on the nature of the business venture, a business loan could even be more appropriate than venture investors, venture funds or even grants. The government business loans are available for all manner of small businesses, like pet supplies, gifts and greeting card shops, embroideries, accounting establishments, dance studios, entertainment-type business, consulting, photography, art design, painting, catering and restaurant business, repair of appliances, beauty salon, beauty products, real estate and brokerage.Compared to investors of angel or private ventures as well as venture funds, government small business loans are a much better alternative, especially when looking for start-up funds for a business.To show that small business plays an important factor in the economy of the country, the Small Business Administration (SBA) as well as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reports that in 2002, the number of small business in the US are somewhere from 23 million to 26 million and that they have provided around seventy-five percent of new employment opportunities in recent years.To help businesses that are unable to obtain financing funds by means of other lending means like venture capital funds and investors, the U.S. Government cooperates with numerous lending establishments to provide these businesses with and venture capital financing and loans.For decades, the Federal Government programs, like the Small Business Administration (SBA), have been providing assistance to businesses in the US. The SBA, in 2003, announced a loan increase of 1.4 billion dollars for small businesses. Within the past 50 years, small businesses numbering in no less than 20 million have been provided for by the SBA of more than $30 billion in terms of loans.For businesses requiring immediate financing, a number of government business express loans are available which can be processed and completed no more than a few weeks.The range of the amount of loan that can be obtained depending on the changing financial requirements can be anywhere from $50,000 to as high as $3,000,000. To find out more about government small business loans, the VentureWorthy survey should be taken.